“I have photographed, directed, cast, witnessed and partnered with thousands of actors, if not more- from the greenest, to the highest respected veterans, as well as big names.  Having had the great pleasure to witness, direct, and photograph Louise Flory, I am floored.  I find myself using a lot of swear words when describing her to other people, which I do at every chance I get.  This woman can turn on a dime emotionally, and yet to work with her is sheer energy, pleasure, excitement, and inspired collaboration … she is on the wavelength, and brims with generosity- from where she gets it, who knows.  Most people of her talent can be a nightmare to work with, but she is an angel, a wise cherub, with a deadly crossbow of preparedness, badassery, and freaking talent for miles.  Just look at that face.  I cannot wait to see what she does next.”
~Caroline White,  award-winning photographer & actress, casting assistant, associate talent agent & producer

“The first production of a new play is both exciting and terrifying.  Louise was the perfect actress for the piece; not only because she infused Cebe with warmth, honesty, and a tremendous soul but also because she was able to work quickly with new pages.  I would work with her again on any project.”
~Jacqueline Goldfinger, playwright The Oath

“We had the immense pleasure of directing Louise in our short film, ‘Elli and the Astronaut.’  Louise was – simply put – lovely.  She committed herself to making each scene, movement and breath of dialogue as pure as we had envisioned.  We were amazed to witness how our vision attained new levels of life under Louise’s careful treatment of her character – and that’s what we appreciated most.  She wanted to be there, she was determined to make a great film, and she brought everything to the table.  If making a film is war, Louise is the type of actor you want to be in the bunker with.”
~Alex Camilleri & Mark Denega, writers/directors Elli and the Astronaut

“Louise filled a character, that is too often relegated to being ‘comic relief,’ with a history and life that made the comedy sparkle.  I could always count on her to bring in well thought out, clear and unique approaches to the text.”
~Kat Vecchio, director Blue Surge

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Louise for years and she’s always my first choice for a lead actress when I begin working on a project.  On ‘Fields of November’ she was a great inspiration and collaborator from the conception.  She handled every obstacle that was thrown at her with grace and professionalism.  The end result is a tour de force performance that covers so many facets of acting it’s really going to show off her amazing talents and beauty.”
~Chad Ritchie, producer/director/writer Second Variety Films

“I’m glad I chose you for the part of Cramer.  Your dedication and perseverance brought the magic that we needed for the relationship between these characters.  Your ability to try different things again and again, always exploring, never giving up, and your big big open heart, makes a director’s job very easy and enjoyable.”
~Shelly Feldman, director Costa Rehab

“Louise Flory is smart, talented, and works tirelessly at being the best in whatever role she is playing.  I loved my experience working with her on ‘The Oath’ and I look forward to working with her again, and again.”
~Cristina Alicea, director The Oath

“Casting Louise Flory was one of the best decisions I could have made while shooting ‘Issues.”  Her charm and sense of humor kept the set light and happy while her dedication and thoroughness insured the best possible performances.  She is always looking for ways to take risks and add more life to the character, from script breakdowns to choice in wardrobe and props.  I can only wonder what the character of Mack would have been like without Louise’s tireless approach to character analysis.  Full of life and a love of the craft, Louise is a performer to be reckoned with.  She is all class- classic look and classy attitude.  When time is running out and the production is on the line, Louise is the kind of actress you want in front of the camera and on your set.”
~Scott Napolitano, writer/director/producer Issues: The Series

“Louise is a powerful artist.  She immerses herself in a role to an astounding degree.  She brought to life all the humour, toughness and fragility of the character I wrote in ‘Sunset Motel.’  Within a thirty-five minute running time, she portrayed a complete human being, not just a collection of ideas and impulses.  A joy to work with.”
~Paul Weissman, playwright Sunset Motel: family values

“As a theatre director, I’ve had the unique privilege of working with Louise Flory not only as an actor, but simultaneously as a playwright as well.  This woman handled her double creative responsibilities with ease, but what was even more inspiring was the courageous vulnerability Louise brought to both her acting and her writing every day.  A mark of a true artist.”
~Laura Konsin Shortt, director workshop production Look After You

“Louise Flory is a consummate professional with undeniable talent and drive.  Her well-turned character work ‘Blue Surge’ added great dimension to the piece; I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.”
~Greg Taubman, artistic director Extant Arts Company

“Louise Flory played the lead in our first independent feature film ‘Paper Cut.’  She brought professionalism and grace to this project and the seasoned sense of an actress twice her age.  Always punctual and always hard working, she made the film shoot easy and fun.  She has the innate ability to listen and follow directions, but also the ability to understand the project at hand and contribute without being overwhelming or overbearing.  If I could work with a hundred Louises filming movies would be the easiest job in the world.  From start to finish she devotes 100% and I will work with her any and every time I possibly can.”
~Robert Greenwood, director/producer Alternative Mindz Entertainment

“Louise has an exceptionally deep connection to her emotional life, and is an open listener to directions.”
~David Stallings, artistic director Manhattan Theatre Works

“Louise Flory strives for (and achieves) a deep emotional connection to the projects she takes on and the roles she plays.  She is eager to engage with the work and the process to bring the work to life.  A smart, vivacious performer.”
~Annie G. Levy, director 4 Variations of Mee & Six Seeds: The Persephone Project

“Louise Flory is the kind of person who not only brings professionalism to whatever she does, but the great ability to think on the fly and jump in with new ideas wherever they are needed.”
~Marc Adam Smith, director Sunset Motel: family values

“Beautiful, smart, passionate, fearless… and a total delight to be in the same room with!”
~Bryant Lanier, artistic director The Play’s The Thing




“Louise Flory’s Cebe takes the archetype of ‘hooker with the heart of gold’ and makes it something complex.”
~Kayla Asbell, Show Business Weekly

“Flory, endowed with the most poignant lines of dialogue and the most heart-wrenching role… plays[s] Cebe with such pride that even if she were getting hit, we would cheer her on as she went down.”
~Cindy Pierre, Theatre Talk’s New Theatre Corps

“Even when Cebe [Louise Flory] bursts into a sarcastic cackle, there’s a manic, rageful element to her seeming lack of rules that awakens our curiosity.”
~Laura Paloite, OffOffOnline.com

“When Cebe [Louise Flory] addresses the audience,… her sermon is much more personal, and much more heartbreaking; for all her attitude she’s desperately trying to find out who she is and what she’s meant to do… we come to see that under all that flirting, giggling and fawning Cebe understands her father’s work perhaps more than her sister does.”
~Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

“The actors perform admirably, growing ever better as the play progresses.”
~Robert Windeler, Backstage.com


“The cast is wonderful, especially Flory in the lead, who shows no hint of self-consciousness over speaking her own words.”
~Duncan Pflaster, BroadwayWorld.com

“Louise Flory is on full exhibition here, both as a wickedly smart playwright and as a very generous actress.  She’s the center of the play, the person everyone else is responding to and bouncing off of, and she does all she can to let each person run the play.  In one of the opening scene with her unbeknownst fiance, I was astonished at how much kindness she approached the characters.”
~Sean Williams, Gideon Productions

“She [Flory] also performs in the piece which is usually not my cup of tea, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well she separated herself as an actor and a playwright.  All too often I see playwrights overdoing it.  She maintains a very nice balance and deserves to be commended for that.”
~Michael Roderick, Small Pond Entertainment

“Ultimately, Flory has the most difficult role of all, as actress, playwright and the focus of the show.  She was able to maintain a light-heartedness that kept the play from being a ‘movie of the week’… and she truly dove into the part with all of herself.”
~Katherine Stein, BitchyActress.blogspot.com

“Both Louise Flory (as Hannah) and Jason Altman (as Jake) push through their scenes with earnest hopefulness and distress.”
~Dan Kitrosser, NYTheatre.com

“Sensitively rendered, offering a respite from the campy fare that makes up much of this [Fringe] fest.”
~Frank Scheck, New York Post


“The cast does a good job in creating touching and precise characterizations, and yes, the play does fly in this production.  It will make you think, it will make you wonder, it will – hopefully –  make you ask yourself some hard questions and maybe even find some answers.”
~Saviana Stanescu, NYTheatre.com

“Louise Flory as Heather has more of a spark to [her] acting.”
~Bina Sharif, Arts International