In this Southern Gothic tale, a wandering preacher is embroiled in the passion and politics of a swampy Florida outpost ruled with a macabre sense of justice by two rival sisters during the Great Depression. A darkly comic look at balancing ambition and ideals in a time of crisis.

World Premiere Theatrical Production at the ArcLight Theatre, NY
written by Jacqueline Goldfinger, directed by Cristina Alicea
produced by MTWorks
starring as Cebe Tate
co-starring Anthony Crep, Sarah Chaney, Dianna Martin, Maureen O’Boyle, and Robin Madel


“Louise Flory’s Cebe takes the archetype of ‘hooker with the heart of gold’ and makes it something complex.”
~Kayla Asbell, Show Business Weekly

“Flory, endowed with the most poignant lines of dialogue and the most heart-wrenching role… plays[s] Cebe with such pride that even if she were getting hit, we would cheer her on as she went down.”
~Cindy Pierre, Theatre Talk’s New Theatre Corps

“Even when Cebe [Louise Flory] bursts into a sarcastic cackle, there’s a manic, rageful element to her seeming lack of rules that awakens our curiosity.”
~Laura Paloite,

“When Cebe [Louise Flory] addresses the audience,… her sermon is much more personal, and much more heartbreaking; for all her attitude she’s desperately trying to find out who she is and what she’s meant to do… we come to see that under all that flirting, giggling and fawning Cebe understands her father’s work perhaps more than her sister does.”
~Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

“The actors perform admirably, growing ever better as the play progresses.”
~Robert Windeler,