When a photographer’s life is threatened by illness, everything she thought was secure turns upside-down, testing friendships, family and love.
Theatrical Production at The SoHo Playhouse as part of the New York International Fringe Festival
produced by MTWorks, directed by David Stallings
starring as Hannah
co-starring Jason Altman, Adi Kurchik, and Lowell Byers

“Louise has an exceptionally deep connection to her emotional life, and is an open listener to directions.”
~David Stallings, artistic director Manhattan Theatre Works

“The cast is wonderful, especially Flory in the lead, who shows no hint of self-consciousness over speaking her own words.”
~Duncan Pflaster, BroadwayWorld.com

“Sensitively rendered, offering a respite from the campy fare that makes up much of this [Fringe] fest.”
~Frank Scheck, New York Post

“Louise Flory is on full exhibition here, both as a wickedly smart playwright and as a very generous actress.  She’s the center of the play, the person everyone else is responding to and bouncing off of, and she does all she can to let each person run the play.  In one of the opening scene with her unbeknownst fiance, I was astonished at how much kindness she approached the characters.”
~Sean Williams, Gideon Productions

“She [Flory] also performs in the piece which is usually not my cup of tea, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well she separated herself as an actor and a playwright.  All too often I see playwrights overdoing it.  She maintains a very nice balance and deserves to be commended for that.”
~Michael Roderick, Small Pond Entertainment

“Both Louise Flory (as Hannah) and Jason Altman (as Jake) push through their scenes with earnest hopefulness and distress.”
~Dan Kitrosser, NYTheatre.com

“Ultimately, Flory has the most difficult role of all, as actress, playwright and the focus of the show.  She was able to maintain a light-heartedness that kept the play from being a ‘movie of the week’… and she truly dove into the part with all of herself.”
~Katherine Stein, BitchyActress.blogspot.com


Developmental Theatrical Workshop at Manhattan Repertory Theatre
starring as Hannah
directed by Laura Konsin
co-starring Matt Cody, Heather Leonard, and Lowell Byers

“As a theatre director, I’ve had the unique privilege of working with Louise Flory not only as an actor, but simultaneously as a playwright as well.  This woman handled her double creative responsibilities with ease, but what was even more inspiring was the courageous vulnerability Louise brought to both her acting and her writing every day.  A mark of a true artist.”
~Laura Konsin Shortt