When newcomer Zeke takes a job at Comic Relief, he enters a world that rivals the pages he loves to read. He quickly learns the ropes with the help of the enigmatic shelver Mackenzie “Mack” Riley and a unique fellowship of fanatics.  But like the crises and invasions that rock the inked volumes on a weekly basis, a threat to the well-being of the bookies will soon emerge. Secrets will be unveiled, hidden powers revealed and a struggle for balance begins!

Filmed on location at Comic Relief in Hamilton, NJ
produced by SuperHeroic Productions
starring as series regular Mackenzie Riley
co-starring Noah Rothman, Kevin Sebastian, Katie Ritz, C.J. Maldonado, Autumn Weisz, and Daniel Halden

Season One available at
Press Appearances at New York ComicCon, Jacob Javits Convention Center, NYC


“Casting Louise Flory was one of the best decisions I could have made while shooting ‘Issues.”  Her charm and sense of humor kept the set light and happy while her dedication and thoroughness insured the best possible performances.  She is always looking for ways to take risks and add more life to the character, from script breakdowns to choice in wardrobe and props.  I can only wonder what the character of Mack would have been like without Louise’s tireless approach to character analysis.  Full of life and a love of the craft, Louise is a performer to be reckoned with.  She is all class- classic look and classy attitude.  When time is running out and the production is on the line, Louise is the kind of actress you want in front of the camera and on your set.”
~Scott Napolitano, writer/director/producer Issues: The Series