Elli, a beautiful but sad woman, begins to look in unexpected places in search of her absent husband Jonah, a courageous space explorer whose ship is far beyond the barrier of radio communication.  As Elli’s obsessive search escalates, she begins to lose touch with the tangible world in favor of a reality she can only share with her lost husband.

produced by Media at Large LLC and Team Rockstar Productions
written & directed by Alex Camilleri & Mark Denega
starring as Elli Shearwater
co-starring Mishi Schueller



“We had the immense pleasure of directing Louise in our short film, ‘Elli and the Astronaut.’  Louise was – simply put – lovely.  She committed herself to making each scene, movement and breath of dialogue as pure as we had envisioned.  We were amazed to witness how our vision attained new levels of life under Louise’s careful treatment of her character – and that’s what we appreciated most.  She wanted to be there, she was determined to make a great film, and she brought everything to the table.  If making a film is war, Louise is the type of actor you want to be in the bunker with.”
~Alex Camilleri & Mark Denega, writers/directors