Three injured Iraq War veterans recuperate in the rehab unit of a stateside Army hospital.  Their attempt to navigate the world around them and connect with the women who take care them, forms an unexpected alliance and fuels a renewed sense of hope.

World Premiere Theatrical Production at the Workshop Theatre, NYC
directed by Shelly Feldman
produced by MWorks
featured as Lt. Ann Cramer
co-starring Nicholas Urda, Peter Cappello, Jacob Michael Thornhill, Sarah Chaney, and Rachel McPhee

press interview on my role & the production

“I’m glad I chose you for the part of Cramer.  Your dedication and perseverance brought the magic that we needed for the relationship between these characters.  Your ability to try different things again and again, always exploring, never giving up, and your big big open heart, makes a director’s job very easy and enjoyable.”
~Shelly Feldman