we interrupt this blog

This is unusual I know. It’s not only two posts in one week but two posts in one day. But no sooner than I wrote about something other than art or art heists… millions dollars worth of paintings were stolen from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris this morning (over overnight last night).

This might sound lame but I feel kind of guilty. Of course I had nothing to do with it (despite my love of Modigliani) but I’ve been rather obsessively talking about stolen art for the past few weeks so did I increase the buzz in any way? I can’t believe it, and some big time paintings were taken … well, of course they would steal well known paintings since that’s kind of the point.

I am all out of whimsical or witty writing so here’s the art in question. If you see any of these in non-poster form, call the cops! My real Thursday post is below (or previous… however it appears).


“Le pigeon aux petits-pois” (The Pigeon with the Peas) by Pablo Picasso

“La Pastorale” (Pastoral) by Henri Matisse

L’olivier pres de l’Estaque” (Olive Tree near Estaque) by Georges Braque

“La femme a l’eventail” (Woman with a Fan) by Amedeo Modigliani

“Nature-mort aux chandeliers” (Still Life with Chandeliers) by Fernand Leger

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