the lottery

For two and a half hours on Tuesday night, I was a multi-millionaire. And it was pretty amazing. You see the Mega Millions lottery jackpot was $355 million dollars so, for the first time in my life, I bought a lottery ticket. Actually we bought five tickets. The first two were our individual pick ’em ones (numbers pulled out of our brains) and then the second two were quick picks (they totally screwed us). The fifth one was a last minute decision because as Mike and I were walking to the deli to buy the tickets, we both confessed that while we had each chosen the number 44 (mine for purely whimsical reasons and Mike’s for nearly scientific reasons that had to do with sports jerseys) we both thought about choosing the number 42. So CLEARLY we HAD to choose 42.

Which- incredibly enough- turned out to be THE powerball number. Yes, the powerball was 42. So while I am in many ways a practical person (although this fact might be subjective) there was a reason we were thinking 42. I do believe in coincidences.

But clearly the force wasn’t with me because I didn’t win. And neither did Mike. Or anyone I know. I actually made him shake on it that we would share the money (you never know, $355 million, people get nuts). But it was so fun to practice winning and plot my spending and arts creation and philanthropy and savings (yes, savings…. very important). And I actually believed for a little bit that I was going to win.

So beyond my wishes and dreams and the number 42, another crazy thing about the lottery was that 4 of the 6 numbers were the same as “the numbers” on LOST. Sorry if you’re not a LOST fan (why aren’t you a LOST fan, I mean I hated the last 10 minutes of the show but I still love it overall- don’t get me started, that’s for another time).

The LOST numbers were: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42

The lottery numbers were: 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and 42

Pretty cool, right?! And anyone who played the LOST numbers won $150. Not bad. Nothing near $177,500,000 (there were two big winners) but still, that can buy some frivolity (or pay my Time Warner Cable bill, they are such price gougers!).

The best thing about my brief stint as a multi-millionaire (get ready, it’s going to be sappy) is that while it was really fun to dream and imagine what I would do with the money, the baseline of my life would have remained the same. Sure, I would LOVE to be able to produce stage and film work much more easily. And it sounds lovely to think about not having to rely on a paycheck each week. But can’t I still do all of the things I love now? Isn’t it all still achievable and conquerable even today, sans millions? It might be more challenging but it’s still going to happen. After all, it is 2011. And this year, it just feels like magic.

But maybe I will start buying more lottery tickets. Because you just never know. And the guys at the deli let me use their lucky pen, so there’s that.

I hope that this sparkly new year is treating you well so far and that you might have hours of dreams that turn into a lifetime of fantastical realities.

Take care and “see” you next week,


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