the food of love

Do you know that feeling when something feels like you were meant to be there or meant to experience it? And something about it just feels like you’ve always know it. Kismet might be a touch too strong but it’s in that family. Oh, I hope that makes sense.

It happens with people on occasion.  You meet someone and it feels like you’ve known each other for years. (I love it when that happens!) Or maybe it’s a book or a piece of art that just makes sense- that feels as though it’s meant to be read or seen by you and there is this connection between you and the material. It’s just comfortable. And I don’t mean boring or simply or easy- just understood. Something in it resonates and reverberates- it delights you and becomes something you have to share with EVERYONE that will listen to you wax poetic.

Today I was introduced to a new band (thank you Mike!) and let me tell you, music does all the above with a visceral, raw power that often hits your right away. I heard the first few seconds of one song and I just felt that I was supposed to know this band. And in my typical fashion of whole-hearted embrace, diving in 100%, I loved them  immediately.

Here’s that first song I heard-

And then I found this one and I love it even more-

Their album is zipping its way into my iTunes and I am plotting out where to see them. Maybe they are playing somewhere near a Vermeer painting. Unlikely, but wouldn’t that be incredible.

Anything you’re loving unabashedly and want to share? Definitely let me know!


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