the beginnings or ‘let’s try this thing’

Here’s the maiden voyage of my blogging. Thanks in advance for stumbling into my online world and clicking through to read this post. My goal is to provide a little insight into anything I might be working on at the time as well as musings or thoughts on this crazy life in the arts and beyond.

Rehearsals have officially begun for my FringeNYC show Look After You. I still can’t quite believe it’s really happening but I’m amazed and excited by the prospect. We had the “all hands on deck” read thru on Monday night and have started working through the play. You would think that having written the piece I would have a stronger grasp on my role but nope, just as fumbling and new as I am at the beginning of any process. I guess that’s a good thing. No preconceived notions, nothing already determined.

So on to something else.

Let’s see. I suppose I should start off with the best story I’ve got. No sense in saving it for later. The biggest, wildest and craziest thing that’s ever happened to me (that I’m willing share publicly) is that I was almost arrested on the top of what remains of the Berlin Wall. It’s true. I know, I should have build up to that but I’m often a rather fragmented storyteller so why not grab you with the hook. A few years ago during my grad school year in the UK I took every chance I could get to hop over to Europe and travel.

The first trip was over the winter break, late December to early January and for some reason my new friend Heather (also studying abroad) and I decided to hit Eastern Europe. Yes in the winter, not saying it was smart but we figured, let’s go the farthest away from England just in case it gets harder to get away. So we did Munich, Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Berlin. In Berlin a series of events led a few of us hostel-dwellers to a small section of the Berlin Wall that still remains standing. Now they sell pieces of the wall at Checkpoint Charlie but I swear they just pick up a handful of gravel and spray paint it various colors and sell it to tourists.

So the geniuses we were hanging around with decided that someone should climb on the top of this small remaining section and hack off a few pieces of the wall with (get this) a lead pipe from the construction site across the street. The area look pretty abandoned and no one was around. Somehow I was chosen to climb so they hoisted me up and I started to gingerly chip off small pieces (it’s horrible, I know). About 30 seconds later a few guards from the building next door came storming out of the building headed our way. Note to self that seemingly burnt-out buildings could simply be historical landmarks that survived air raids and now house a city museum. A few of the guys with us, particularly the one who spoke German, went running over to head them off.

After dropping the lead pipe off the backside of the wall and stuffing the rocks into my pockets, I froze. One of our party returned and quickly explained to me that I needed to act as though I was having a fit or episode and they were trying to get me down. There were less PC terms thrown around but you get where I’m going. So I did. Probably the most frightening acting challenge I’ll ever have. I whined and cried and yelled “No” as the guards approached us. With their help, my companions were able to “talk me down” and we went on our way with a warning and no shortage of disgusted looks.

So there, that’s my story of alluding arrest in Germany. Fact is stranger than fiction. My parents were so excited to get those pieces of the wall that I didn’t have the heart to tell them the sordid tale. Sorry Mom and Dad, but at least now you know that they are real!

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back next week. Hope you will too.

See you on the flip side,



thing/s i’m digging: rereading “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer, listening to Eric Hutchinson

dream role: Beth in “A Lie of the Mind” (please tell Ethan Hawke & The New Group)

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  1. Long Huynh
    July 17, 2009

    What a great first blog post. Great story about your first acting role too. Yes, fact is sometimes stranger than fiction.


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