super super 8

It’s rare that I haven’t see something about a movie- either in a trade magazine or through at least a trailer online or on TV. Even if I don’t care at all about the movie, I usually know something about it. But for some reason I missed everything about Super 8. When I noticed it was coming in our Netflix queue because it hadn’t been updated, I have to admit that I groaned a bit. I actually said, “We’ll just send it back right away.” To be fair, I had it confused with another movie and though it would be an evening of stomaching shaky camera work.

Turns out it is actually a collaboration between J.J. Abrams (writer/director) and Steven Spielberg (producer). That had me hooked right there. Despite a few sketchy things in their careers, there is overall adoration and trust.

And I loved it. I had no idea what was coming next, no preconceived notions of the story. It was just blissful watching, soaking it all in. And yes, there are classic storytelling moves and plot turns that made me smile (yes! I knew that was going to happen) but it was still a delightful cinematic experience. I have often been dubbed too innocent and sentimental but this movie took me to a place that I never experienced but that felt familiar. This seems to be the gift of a great story- you relate, even if the circumstances and situation are foreign to you.

So if you have a night free coming up, and want to be taken on an unexpected journey by some kids just trying to make a movie, check it out. And I dare you not to gasp, laugh, dream, and maybe even tear up. Gotta love it.


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