play doh

I have a feeling that this might be one of those posts where you simply have to buckle in and go with me here. Consider yourself warned!

Early this week I had occasion to come across some PlayDoh. It’s not a nefarious as it sounds. The graphic design at my day job had a few tubs of it because they were going to have him mock up a sculpture… okay it’s too long and weird a story to tell. Let’s just say, he had a bunch of it on his desk and I now have a glob of blue Play Doh for my very own. And it is both fun and reflective. I could get all philosophical about its malleability and what that represents or go off on some tangent about it reminding me of being a child (oops, nope… no good stories in the mental rolodex) but I will not. Because what it has made me realize is that there must be time for the ridiculous. We must make time for the ridiculous.

Granted, sitting here mashing around a blob of blue stuff isn’t super productive or world-impacting but it is somewhat soothing and rather fun. It’s nice to be frivolous and unnecessary for a moment. I spend so much time worrying about being useful and helpful or wondering how I can find more ways to be in more projects. And I love that, don’t get me wrong. But I also need to remember to veg out and have some pointless fun. Because (no shock to you, I’m sure) I tend to take things very seriously and can get pretty worked up (and yes, I’m talking about another 60 Minutes story on Homeless War Vets). So I might need to carry some Play Doh around as a reminder, a balancing device. Or maybe I can get this set and leave them everywhere…

Isn’t that a combination of crazy and awesome! And I do have two films about to start shooting, two readings in the works and (as of this morning) a play going up mid-November. I might need all the Play Doh I can find. When in doubt I could always join the guys at the 2nd Avenue subway station- they have this big display of shoes, belts and abandoned household trinkets for sale- and maybe try to tell some sculptures. Or maybe it’s time to get back to work.

I hope you have a lovely week filled with unexpected discoveries,


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  1. Anne Samoilov
    October 22, 2010

    I am sooo getting you some Play Doh! Sounds like fun and I can see why it was a nice break from your very busy days!
    Awesome post Louise.


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