happy birthday john

Much of my childhood soundtrack (or the bits that stuck with me most) was thanks to two Johns. John Denver and John Lennon. And primarily John circa The Beatles. I love The Beatles. Always will.

Today would be John Lennon’s 70th Birthday. I remember my first time standing outside the Dakota. I couldn’t help but tear up. What would he have accomplished had he not been killed? And Strawberry Fields might be my Mom’s favorite place to visit in the city. Finally, my sister and I sat across from Yoko Ono on the subway when she visited (I used to live on Central Park West, beautiful location but tiny, loud apartment).

Thank you John for being a large part of my musical education and for providing such an incredible soundtrack. (I know this isn’t his song but it seems fitting for today…)

Oh, and I have pictures on the fridge of Mike and I walking across the street in the crosswalk outside of Abbey Road Studios. We took a trip to London and risked being hit by a car to get the shots. His is better than mine because I’m just standing in the middle of the street like a dork and he’s in motion like they were on the album cover. And we wrote our names on the wall. And it was my birthday… how funny. Life is truly magical, especially all the little things you never forget.

Happy birthday sir. I will try to carry on your quest for peace and compassion in my own way.


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