slings and arrows

I’ve definitely been in theatre mode or (more accurately) “I love plays” mode lately. I spent the better part of a long weekend watching all three seasons of Slings & Arrows. It is a wonder. And I completely give my friend Aaron props for the introduction, and the advice to definitely watch past the first episode because it will start to seep in and you will fall in love with it.

The show stars Paul Gross, who is phenomenal. Seriously. He’s amazing.

It is set at the fictional New Burbidge Theatre Festival and it’s all about the ins and outs of this theatre company. Each of the three seasons is thematically focused around a Shakespearean prodcution that the festival is presenting. I fear that I cannot do it justice. It is a joy and it makes me swoon, giggle and tear up no matter how many times I watch it.

As I let each DVD play through its episodes I found myself dreaming of the next play for me. And I don’t even know what that is yet (I’m working on it). I know it’s just a Canadian TV show but it inspired me. I think it’s honestly the closest cinematic representation to what it’s like to be rehearsing a play- with all the laughter and heartache, the politics and the personal relationships. It’s all consuming. Which I love. I want to wake up and go to rehearsal all day long. To have my life spent working on a piece of theatre or film rather than fighting for a space on the subway. Okay, even if I was in rehearsal or on set all day there would be subway juggling. I will not allow myself to become that fantastical.

There’s something about getting swept up in all that now, this time, that feels different though. I feel closer to that reality than I did the last time I pulled out those discs. I really do. And it’s not because there has been this huge shift in the options or this wide range of accessible possibilties just waiting for me to grab them. But because I know that it’s what I want and I am less afraid of going for it. I am less scared of being broke or “struggling” or all those fearful survival thoughts. I have always landed on my feet; I’ve always made it work out. This would be no exception.

Or maybe I need to write a web series or something about a Shakespearean theatre troupe and just steal a bit from the show’s mold.

That might allow me even more of an opportunity. Hmmm. The wheels are turning. Because, I do believe that it’s all about crossing a void and infecting the audience’s soul. Taking them on a journey. And having a wonderful time doing. It is, after all, called a play.

Check out the show if you want and let me know what you think. Maybe we can come up with something exciting.

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