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A Few Words From The Industry

what artistic collaborators have to say about working with me (visit the Testimonials & Press page for more)

Jim Tierney

“Louise climbs into the guts of the character, inhaling what the pages have to offer.”

- Jim Tierney
Laura Konsin Shortt

“What was even more inspiring was the courageous vulnerability Louise brought to both her acting her writing every day. A mark of a true artist.”

- Laura Konsin Shortt
Philip Springer

“I’ve worked with many actresses in the last 20 years but you are sovereign.”

- Philip Springer
Chad Ritchie

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Louise for years and she’s always my first choice for a lead actress when I begin working on a project.  On ‘Fields of November’ she was a great inspiration and collaborator from the conception.  She handled every obstacle that was thrown at her with grace and professionalism.  The end result is a tour de force performance that covers so many facets of acting it’s really going to show off her amazing talents and beauty.”

- Chad Ritchie
Caroline White

“I have photographed, directed, cast, witnessed and partnered with thousands of actors – from the greenest to the highest respected veterans, as well as big names.  Having had the great pleasure to witness, direct, and photograph Louise Flory, I am floored.  This woman can turn on a dime emotionally, and yet to work with her is sheer energy, pleasure, excitement, and inspired collaboration.  She is an angel, a wise cherub, with a deadly crossbow of preparedness, badassery, and freaking talent for miles. I cannot wait to see what she does next.”

- Caroline White
Alex Camilleri & Mark Denega

“We had the immense pleasure of directing Louise in our short film, ‘Elli and the Astronaut.’  Louise was – simply put – lovely.  She committed herself to making each scene, movement and breath of dialogue as pure as we had envisioned.  We were amazed to witness how our vision attained new levels of life under Louise’s careful treatment of her character – she brought everything to the table.  If making a film is war, Louise is the type of actor you want to be in the bunker with.”

- Alex Camilleri & Mark Denega