when it rains

The hurricane headed for New York has nothing on my week. I speak metaphorically of course because I haven’t been walking around soaking wet… although it feels that way.

It’s been “rough seas” and “high tides” for me. And somehow in this moment, even though I know it will pass, I am unable to summon up the spunk to brush it off.

But don’t worry. I have some people and things that always seem to help me make it through (I was going to write “help me weather the storm” but that felt as though it was pushing the water analogy too far… but I guess by parenthetically confessing to you that I WAS going to write that I actually probably just did, oh well). See it’s just not the time for blogging.

So I turn to one of my stalwarts. Oh Natalie Merchant, how you have soothed and comforted me.

And since words still seem to escape me, here’s my other trusted musical balm from her.

I hope that you are safe and dry this week. Take care of yourself,


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