two of three

This week I continue with my list but strive to move outwards from my circle to others that inspire me. These are shining examples of individuals and organizations that rock my world more figuratively. And in most cases, I would LOVE to know and work with them:

Steppenwolf Theatre Company– I adore them ALL but especially worship Amy Morton

Women’s Expressive Theater, Inc.- in particular their mentorship program

James Thierree– one of the most amazing performers I have EVER seen, in my life…

Blake Snyder– incredible screenwriting coach (he wrote me a beautiful follow up email once)


Callie Kimball– don’t know her, wish I did (this extends to Gus Schulenburg and James Comtois as well)

Gary King– writer and filmmaker

Keith Olbermann (he’s the inspiration for Casey in Sports Night, that’s kind of weird)

Chris Brogan (his ‘overnight success’ series is inspirational)

Art Start– program bringing arts programs to kids & teens in NYC homeless shclters

Jon Krakauer‘s writing

Slings and Arrows– three incredible seasons, the amazing Paul Gross

Patty Jenkins– (cheating a bit as I do know her)

So next week I will expand to people, places and things that bring me joy in an even wider context. I hope that holidays are treating you well and safe travels if they take you away from home.


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