treading water

Sometimes it has to be enough to just be- to simply accept that not everything will be explained or make sense. And not just the finale of LOST. Come to think of it, that is a perfect example of what I mean. While I might have wanted things to be different, I know that I cannot change what did happen. And I’m not supposed to be able to change it.

It’s been an interesting week. I worried about being boring here or wishy washy or melancholy. But part of honoring this decision to write each week (rain or shine… and right now it’s raining literally) is facing up to whatever comes.

I did head to Connecticut over the weekend to film the teaser trailer for a feature film. I love taking the train, it never gets old. And this time I traveled with a great friend who was also involved in the project. We watched ponds. hillsides and houses with yards race by, marveling at all the trees. It sounds ridiculous, right? But the city really is… well, a city and sometimes you forget that fact. It was a delightful experience all around. Sometimes you cannot predict the way people are going to connect or not connect or the way a script you learned in your living room will sound spoken out loud on location. But everything just clicked. We all connected as if we’d been friends for a long time and it felt elevated. It was a lovely reminder that while you can create a rich and nuanced cinematic world with time, sometimes the sparks fly all on their own right away.

But now it’s over and the film moves into the funding stage so I go back to May’s usual state of treading water. Nothing wrong with that, it’s not drowning but it’s not floating with a noodle. It’s somewhere in between. And that is okay for now.

“All human wisdom is summed up in two words- wait and hope.”

Alexandre Dumas Pere

This feels like a moment to express my gratitude to you for stopping by and reading, I am truly honored. And I sense that June might just bring with it some incredible buoyancy.

Take care,


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