the whirligig of time

I suppose I should (at some point) stop being surprised by how life twists and turns, dropping into your thoughts something seemingly random that ends up being rather prophetic or finding a way to make the inner workings of your heart become reality. I think I’d better learn to be careful with the latter, it could get me in trouble some day.

So I’ve been saying to myself that I wanted to have something theatrical beyond a reading before the end of the year. Things have been so active cinematically and with various readings but a real, slamming stage experience has been on the horizon for a few months now.

And, if you read the special weekend edition blog post a few weeks ago, I mentioned John Lennon. Well, that was not quite as random as once thought. Not long after that mention (it was his birthday so that part of it wasn’t TOTALLY out of the blue) I found this amazing play by my friend Jim Tierney moving from great idea to workshop production in a matter of 24 hours, not even 24 hours actually. It’s called Carry On and it’s a one-act excerpt (the full-length is pending) of an amazing script that takes place on the night John Lennon was shot. It’s just a simple encounter between a nurse at Roosevelt Hospital (where he was taken) and a cop there to be on patrol against the press and paparazzi. It’s two people connecting despite their own protective walls and preconceived notions. It’s both whip smart and incredibly heart-felt. I am honored to be playing the role (and optimistic of the theatrical and cinematic future of the script).

So if you’re around and free the week of November 15th, let me know and I’ll give you all the details.

But what I love almost as much as getting to work on a show before the year ends is that this is exactly what I was hoping would happen. And it did! I get to hang out on a stage one more time before the end of 2010. As I mentioned before, I guess I’d better be a bit cautious with my manifesting powers. (Although I just tried to summon up a delivery of gluten free cupcakes and they’ve yet to materialize so maybe it doesn’t extend beyond career wishes).

There is this part of me (small some days and gigantic on other days) that truly believes anything is possible. And there’s something about verbalizing those wishes, talking about those dreams, that can often speed up the path from hope to happening. At least, that’s the way I choose to believe it.

And now, even though I don’t necessarily want you to end up with Lady Gaga’s song Paparazzi stuck in YOUR head too… I’ve got a video for you. His name is Grayson and he’s 12. Much goodness has happened in his life since May (because of the following) but I like to watch this original version of his talent show performance. Talk about someone doing what they love and letting the talent run wild. I also really love to watch the faces of the audience (particularly the girls behind him) because there’s nothign quite like true shock brought on by the unexpected presence of fierce, passionate artistry.

I’d love to hear what you’re dreaming up…. have an amazing week,


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