dear james

Although I doubt I will ever be completely coherent when it comes to James Thierree, I suppose now is as good a time as any to write about him. While I strive to enjoy every production or performance I get to see and try to find something lovely in it, there is something about my […]

making the best of it (or my day as a London street urchin)

Whenever things feel a little rocky for no reason (or no concrete discernable reason), I draw from my “Polyanna bag.” This is what I have chosen to call the group of stories that remind me of the possibility for a horrible day/experience/etc to turn into something wonderful. Here is one of my favorite. Early on […]

more than me

I want to get the self promotion out of the way first; Blue Surge begins its three week run tonight. All the details are here or on my website. Okay, last week I wrote about all kinds of me-ness. And not much has changed in that situation; it’s still incredibly rough going for me and […]

sizwe banzi

Writing about Nelson Mandel last week reminded me that I had yet to mention one of the best theatrical experiences of my life. And yes, there is a correlation (I promise). I think this event was so powerful because it blended theatrical performance with real life, with history, in a way that causes this awareness […]

miss bridget

I am a big fan of historical exhibits. I love immersing myself in another time, another world. So when the Titanic exhibit in New York opened up earlier this year, I knew that I had to go. Finally, along with my friend Beth, I decided that last Saturday was the day. We could barely contain […]

“Beeeeeee… gooood.”

I remember many things from my childhood, don’t worry this isn’t going to be a long-winded litany of events so please don’t click away. There is one thing I recall that is kind of funny, perhaps a little tragic and has become the only real autobiographical fodder in my career thus far. This story is […]


In an attempt to talk about anything other than my current FringeNYC show (don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the experience, even the crying strangers hugging me afterwards) I am going to write about something completely different. Well, thematically it’s in the same family of my previous posts- the human condition, hope and all the […]

i choose to believe you

audio version (give it a listen instead or right click/control click to download) I’ll get the play news out of the way. Things are going very well. Thank you, David. We had our first run through of the show last night, no scripts, straight through without stopping. I think we were all rather amazed at […]