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This week, for the first time in a while, I have more social plans than work/career plans. To be honest, one of them was kind of both and I am seeing three shows (so that might blur the lines as well) but… I am moving and shaking.

Which is good because a big decision is brewing. It’s not at a point where I feel comfortable mentioning any details here but I’ll tell the story someday. The point is, it is nice to have somethings to both occupy my mind and my time. I find that I work better or cleaner when I have a schedule of sorts. A plan, in as punk rock of a way as possible (of course). But I notice that some funny things happen when I am out and about with leisure time (that sounded kind of lecherous but you know what I mean).

I have LOST to blame for the first thing that happens. It’s an intense kind of people watching that somehow morphs into “If this train broken down and we had to walk through the tunnels, who would be the leader? Who would be the total whiner? Who would be the diva or the bad seed?” I look around car and form stories about all the people. Or wonder about the lives of the people at the next table. Truth be told it was worse on my first plane trip after starting to watch the series, I was deep into it. I do like that it makes me much more observant of the people around me and probably more creative when I sit down to write. Or that’s the story I tell myself.

The next thing I notice is that I am actually less tired. Ridiculous, I know. It must be some interesting regenerative thing, a refueling. Perhaps because I don’t fuss around too late at night, I get stuff done because I have 40 minutes until the dinner reservations or 15 minutes until I have to leave the house for work. Small deadlines that seem to work wonders. This happens when I am working on a artistic project too (well…. for the most part, sometimes no amount of project love can make up for the exhaustion).

I think it’s about trying to enjoy everything for what it is- whether it’s the insanity of work or the delight of a cocktail party. Being both the passionate artist and the social butterfly. That can happen, right? I can be both. I can make up stories about my seatmate on the subway that might end up in my next play… or at least a fantastical retelling at dinner. The guy across from me on the W today- watch out mister and please don’t sue me.

I hope that you are able to do something completely delightful with someone you love, it’s almost May afterall. Spring is definitely here.

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Things I’m digging this week: I don’t normally give a shout out to something like this but I dig Johnny B. Truant and his new program Question The Rules seems really rock star and the show Who Do You Think You Are.

Dream Role: a dective perhaps (give the stuff in this post) or someone super sleuthy

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