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One of my favorite shows in the world is Sports Night. I didn’t know about it until long after it’s all too brief airing but I own the complete series on DVD and often find a way to bring the show into a conversation. I know, the pilot has a pretty serious canned laugh track going on but give it time. I have many favorite moments, the Everest episode (if you have read anything I’ve written or know anything about me, clearly I have a ‘verging on obsessed’ interest in that Mountain) and I’ve actually had a bit of Dan’s “wall” speech to Rebecca quoted to me personally. I mean, it was destined to be a part of my life, one episode of the show is titled “Dear Louise.”

So one part I love (this wouldn’t embed, it starts at 5:11) is when they are approaching the holidays and Casey and Dan (forgive my familiarity but it’s a ploy to get you to watch the series) talk about all the people in their “family” and give thanks and acknowledgement to them. Okay, Casey and Dan are sports anchors on a Sport Center-esque TV show. Casey had been a bit oblivious to those that work around him and support him but (aided by Dan’s inadvertent wisdom) he ends up righting any wrongs by paying public homage to those who make his work possible.

So, in breaking with my past blogging (I was going to call it my blogging tradition but I don’t think 6 months qualifies) I wanted to spend the next three Thursdays honoring those that make my work possible. My life possible. Well not in the ‘air in my lungs’ way… but you know what I mean. First it’s going to be those that more tangibly fuel me, whether they know it or not. Then I want to move outwards from my little world and mention various other people and things that inspire me and that simply bring me joy.

For the lack of a fancier way to do it, here goes my list:

NYWFIT and the Dramatists Guild of America– for letting me join the ranks

Michael Brandt– for his bravery, for his words, for being a great cutman

Jacqueline Goldfinger– for writing amazing work and letting me be a small part of it

MTWorks (David, Cristina, Julie, Antonio, Sarah, Martha, Dianna, Madalyn)- for it all

Isaac Oliver- for your revolutionary literary works, for your blog, for your eternal honesty

Johnna Adams– for your plays

Leslie Atkins Durham- for reminding me why I do what I do

Robert Scott Wildes- for your unique vision & stunning take on the world

Lindsey Marlin– for getting it, for a sense of perspective

Molly Ryman, Lindsay Goranson & Erin Cronican– for inspiring envy (it’s a good thing)

Beth Baker- for reading, for monitoring, for always helping, for singing

Mac Rogers– for Viral initially and then a world of other words

Sean Williams– for your kind words, for your thoughtful blog, for future possibilities

Rob & Crystal- for trusting me with your vision

John Lepp- for your inspiration and encouragement

Laura Roeder– for your marketing/pr brilliance

C J Maldonado- for raising the bar, for your help

Dr. Ganjhu- for positive results

TK- for being the first one to respond, for coming to everything, for gf pecan pie

Heather Leonard– for striking up the conversation and keeping it going

Heather Harper- for a little bit of peace

Ian Jorgensen- for teaching me to breathe and stand up straight, for encouragement

And as Sports Night says, I’m sure I’ve missed some people but I will try to remedy that in the coming weeks. No mention of gratitude would be complete with my family. I get to see them soon so I’ll try to take care of that in person.

Thanks for reading, this post and any others you might have made it through. I am also ever grateful for you.

Until next week,


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  1. John Lepp
    January 3, 2010

    I’m touched – thank you so much for your shout out and recognition Louise! But as I’ve said before, so often inspiration and encouragement is a two way street – so thank YOU! Happy New Year! jl


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