no sleep til brooklyn

I’m getting this one in just under the wire. It’s been a crazy week. My title? Well, yes it is a reference to the Beastie Boys song. I like the Beastie Boys. I know, that seems a bit unusual. I guess I’m an unusual girl. I like some Eminem and some Kid Rock too. I’m full of surprises.

Okay that was a little tangent. Brooklyn. I wanted to talk about Brooklyn, or more importantly about taking some time off. I joke that I am either running around like a maniac or I am completely vegging out (which usually involves a nap). I don’t really possess the greatest ability to balance the two, and most of the time I err on the side trying to do a million things all at once. But recently I had a day off. My sister was in for work and extended her trip a bit so we spent an afternoon in Brooklyn.

Along with seeing the Elephant Walk on 34th Street (now I don’t want the circus elephants to be mistreated but I am curious about this midnight elephant walk before the circus comes to town) I told myself that I was going to get to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to see the Cherry Blossoms. It was rather chilly and a weekday so the Gardens were really pretty empty. A few moms with strollers, a few people with cameras, one really rowdy school group (they were adorable) and two redheads with the day off.

It was great, not only the beautiful flowers, plants and trees in the Garden, but simply getting to be out in the world with no schedule. I didn’t even care what time it was or if anyone had called me. We talked about our lives and took tons of pictures. We found a quartet of people, two older couples, and asked them to take a picture of us together. My sister has this hilarious habit of always taking self portraits of herself and whoever she’s with (or just her if she’s alone). They have become legendary but they are NEVER flattering. Funny and memorable but not anything you’d frame or email to our parents (for fear that they WILL print & frame it, because they will). The woman who took our picture was kind of short so the framing is a bit skewd but it’s still a good looking photograph.

Then we headed over to DUMBO and started our trip across the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve only walked it once before so I was game. It was breezy and overcast and the Statue of Liberty looked like a green toy out on the water. (My sister called her a green Barbie, which is much better than my answer but I couldn’t take credit for her creativity.) The Bridge is amazing but even better is the view of Manhattan from a distance. It is such an amazing city and sometimes I forget that fact. I live down in it and run around its streets. It was such a gift to take a literal step back. To take a true day off, from everything. And family, well that was just icing.

So here’s my favorite picture from the day:

Here’s to many more days off (for all of us!),



THINGS I’M DIGGING THIS WEEK: Lin Yu Chun performing I Will Always Love You (it’s so amazing I had to embed it below)

DREAM ROLE: I’m kind of itching to do the role of Marie in Bold Girls by Rona Munro

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