me and my gallbladder

I was going to title this post “I am Louise’s gallbladder”… maybe I should change it. You know, an homage to Fight Club, which I really love. I do. That movie is great (particularly on a day where the world is treating you a wee bit crappy).

I have to say that before Monday night, I hadn’t ever given much thought to my gallbladder. I think I knew where it was anatomically located but don’t hold me to it. So Monday night began a stretch of thinking I might have an appendicitis (please no) and then learning WAY more about the mid to lower right quadrant of stomach/rib/abdominal area than I ever needed to know.

My favorite part (layer in the necessary sarcasm that cannot be instantly inferred in written form) was that I took a shower and couldn’t put my pajamas on. Seriously, I couldn’t bend forward without a wave of excruciating pain. This brought tears to my eyes but the hilarity of perhaps having to rope Mike into dressing me was making me laugh. A very weird and rather stupid stretch of crying because of the pain and then laughing at how ridiculous I was ensued. Then later (after talking to the overnight on-call nurse and eventually my mother) it was the reverse, I would find something funny and laughing would be painful and almost make me cry. It was definitely a bit of a circus freakshow for a day and a half.

The good news is that the pain dissipated (with the help of some prescribed stretches and apple juice, yep apple juice) and I am avoiding surgery for now. Woo-hoo! But as I spend much of Tuesday flat on my back I also realized how lucky I am to have a doctor and nurses to call for help, to have a mother who can be a caregiver, a cheerleader and a comic all in the same phone call, a kitty to check on me when I can’t sleep and someone like Mike who would have probably helped me put on my pants if I asked. And he offered to remove my gallbladder for me too, now that’s love.

While I don’t wish you a day of pain (in fact I would wish for NO days of pain), I hope that there might be a few quiet moments where you can think about all the things that you have and feel really blessed and loved. It’s nice to be reminded of that fact that you are not alone. I kind of feel like I have to do some good to counterbalance all that I have received. I love Kiva or World of Good… so don’t be surprised if I send you a bracelet made in Chiang Mai. A girl’s gotta pay back her karma. And I had a really fun audition on Monday so I need to keep it on the up and up!

Take care and perhaps have a little juice… just to be safe,


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