kitten and a crockpot

First- I think this might be a great name for a band. But you would have to be careful and really pronounce the AND A instead of letting it slide by where someone might hear IN. I am not one for a kitten in a crockpot because that sounds as though you are cooking a kitten, which I am very against.

No, this is about
a kitten
a crockpot.

My kitten Murphy (she’s probably old enough now to be called a cat, or at least a kitty but kitten sounds better for my new band name) is a serious huntress. Or she wants to be. But our apartment is rather free of anything to hunt except way too many toys and the random bug during the summer. However, within the last 6 weeks our landlord and only neighbor has informed us that he thinks there might be mice, or a mouse, in the house. He saw droppings… ick and yes. Of course, since we have a kitty we are immune from the critter visits.
But… about a month ago, Murphy started camping out on the kitchen floor with her gaze firmly fixed on the area underneath the stove. We joked that she was “at work” and found it both amusing and comforting. We would NOT be waking up with a mouse running across our faces (by the way, have you seen the video of the rat running up the legs and torso of the homeless man sleeping on the train? It is totally terrifying and I wish Erica never found it online!).
But now, over 6 weeks into the great mouse hunt…. I am much less patient. I want my kitty to come hang out with me. I don’t want to have to retrieve her from the kitchen floor, scoop her up, only to have her scurry back once I put her down. I love her and I don’t really want to spend my evenings hanging out in the kitchen just to see her. So, we’re working on that. One really awful thought was to get a mouse from the pet store (do they even sell them?) and slide it near the stove to let her find it. Maybe it would be done then.

And the other part of my band name. It’s another reason I don’t have to spend time in the kitchen. Mike wanted a crockpot so we got a crockpot. And it is truly amazing. It’s very retro and makes me actually, ever so slightly feel like a domestic person (although Mike made the stew we had so I still pretty much copletely fail at home-making duties). He made this amazing concoction and let it cook for 5 hours until it was too tasty for words. And then on Tuesday night, when we were doing laundry amidst snowflakes, the leftovers happily reheated themselves and became our dinner. I think housewives in the 50s were on to something. Seriously, if you get a crockpot and want to swap recipes, let me know… we’ll talk.

This post was rather domestic so I feel the need to shake it up a bit. I am doing a reading as part of MTWorks’ 2011 National NewBorn festival. It’s by an amazing playwright named Jacqueline Goldfinger who I absolutely adore and being directed by Dev Bondarin who I am dying to work with on something. I helped make a sweet little promo video for the festival, so check it out. All of the plays are great and it’s free. If you are in NYC in early February, I’d love to see you there.

Have a great week, enjoy some soup and watch out for wild rodents!


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