gal friday

I was asked to be a part of this amazing campaign called bodyheart and my experience ended up becoming much more revealing than I expected.  I wrote about it for them and I am today’s Friday Feature (on their newly launched website no less). I love the way the pictures came out and I wish […]

blame it on President Bartlet

I am back. After an initially unintentional and then unfortunately intentional absence. I was deep in chrysalis. There may be more on that at some point. But now on to what is going on… and it’s a lot. I’ll start with the creative updates. Today in fact, Fields of November began its festival life with […]

the lottery

For two and a half hours on Tuesday night, I was a multi-millionaire. And it was pretty amazing. You see the Mega Millions lottery jackpot was $355 million dollars so, for the first time in my life, I bought a lottery ticket. Actually we bought five tickets. The first two were our individual pick ’em […]

signs of life

I am going to plow right in and pretend that we’ve never paused (yes, I know I was absent for three Thursdays and I am sorry, I have great reasons which shall be explained later). I always find it so interesting when a Thursday coincides with a noteworthy event, or something happens that I HAVE […]

happy birthday john

Much of my childhood soundtrack (or the bits that stuck with me most) was thanks to two Johns. John Denver and John Lennon. And primarily John circa The Beatles. I love The Beatles. Always will. Today would be John Lennon’s 70th Birthday. I remember my first time standing outside the Dakota. I couldn’t help but […]

we interrupt this blog

This is unusual I know. It’s not only two posts in one week but two posts in one day. But no sooner than I wrote about something other than art or art heists… millions dollars worth of paintings were stolen from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris this morning (over overnight last night). This […]

level shifting

In case you’re wondering, the improvisational feature film went very well. I am still recovering from the insanity that was capturing a full length movie on camera in three days. Three long, long days. It was amazing though, probably the most challenging, rewarding and level-shifting cinematic project of my career. And isn’t that the point? […]

bring on the rain & 12 hour days

This weekend (well Friday-Sunday) is going to be a first for me. In many ways. I am shooting a feature film called Fields of November with a director I’ve worked with in the past (one of the projects mentioned last week) and 1) I’m on camera 95% of the time or maybe even more if […]