my new favorite thing

If you have read other bits and pieces on my blog you no doubt know about my love of art (I was going to say obsession but that really only applies to Vermeer and the Pre-Raphaelites). Here are three previous posts if you want to recap or catch up (1, 2 and 3).I made a […]

a placeholder

I have this post all ready to go, well almost all ready to go, but it’s not fully cooked just yet. So I offer up a blog version of a commercial instead. This might be the custest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I love it. Enjoy and more soon, Louise

what’s the why

I was introduced to this video over the weekend and it thrilled and amazed me. This week’s post is simple not only because I am struggling with the “what I want to get done in a day” and “what I can get done in a day” balance right now but also because this is so […]

level shifting

In case you’re wondering, the improvisational feature film went very well. I am still recovering from the insanity that was capturing a full length movie on camera in three days. Three long, long days. It was amazing though, probably the most challenging, rewarding and level-shifting cinematic project of my career. And isn’t that the point? […]

music monday

This reminds me of my parents, and before you ask… yes, they used to sing it. Together. To my sister and me. And they both have great voices and can kind of get their groove on so it’s a wonderful memory. ** Thinking this might become a blog staple….. hmmmm. What do you think?!

worthy of a change of schedule

I know that I do the Thursday posting but I found something today that couldn’t even wait three days. Now I have mentioned the PS 22 choir before but honestly, if I ever need a reminder of why…. of why I fight to be an artist, of why I wish only the best for the […]