half the sky

There is an amazing event happening next week and I cannot get it out of my mind. PBS is airing the documentary Half the Sky based on the tremendous book by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. I don’t really think that anything I could write here would be as powerful as the images from the […]

dear james

Although I doubt I will ever be completely coherent when it comes to James Thierree, I suppose now is as good a time as any to write about him. While I strive to enjoy every production or performance I get to see and try to find something lovely in it, there is something about my […]

slings and arrows

I’ve definitely been in theatre mode or (more accurately) “I love plays” mode lately. I spent the better part of a long weekend watching all three seasons of Slings & Arrows. It is a wonder. And I completely give my friend Aaron props for the introduction, and the advice to definitely watch past the first […]

clean towels daily, a giant name badge and too many potatoes

For the first time in my adult existence (well, in my entire existence but this feels like a very adult thing to do) I spend five days at a conference. It was an Arts Conference of sorts (it’s mainly about this awesome software) but even though there was a rock band made up of attendees […]

the dude

Today is my father’s birthday. I called him this morning, with the subway clanging overhead (I live in a part of NYC where the train resembles Chicago, I love it). If pressed, I can tap into the “missing my family” vein very easily. It’s not any kind of homesickness, this is my home now, but […]

a picture or a thousand words

I am branching into more active promotion today in anticipation of an exciting event next week. A little while ago I participated in a photo call for the photographer Leslie Lyons who was working on a show called Talking Back. You were to come to her loft space wearing a t-shirt with a message that […]