anything and everything

I am a big fan of REM, particularly the earlier stuff. Even though I didn’t know them until way later… when Michael Stipe was super comfortable on stage and could sing facing the crowd (apparently he used to sing with his back to the audience).

Today was a rollercoaster. And not the fun kind with upside down loops and thrills but the one that leaves you spent. So I listened to some safe music on the subway ride home. Music that envelopes me in a sense of safety and purpose, music connected with something so great it cannot help but ground and center me.

While my favorite song is NIGHTSWIMMING. This is one of the others, definitely in the top ten. And the lyrics were floating around my head this afternoon. This video is only a section of the song but the best quality I could find…

And because it’s so beautiful….

Wishing you some musical joy, especially if the rest if hard to come by today.

Take care of yourself,


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