a new posse

Lately I have become voraciously obsessed with this group of bloggers who teach, train and passionately spread information about having a small business, reaching out to customers/clients/people and doing what you love in the world. Now I know that sounds very vague and way too all-encompassing but it’s really about being a powerful entrepreneur online and off. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before but I have this really strong belief that I should treat my career as a small business. I think that is imperative, especially in a world that moves so fast and relies so heavily on the internet.

I realized that these people are all interconnected in some way. It’s not surprising because they have rather similar styles of approach- fiercely honest advice often presented in a blisteringly forthright format. And I have just started to view them as my team of new teachers. Since they are online and not in person, it kind of reminds me of Sesame Street. You know, a crew of characters that all have super distinct personalities but come together in a lovely menagerie to provide you with knowledge and entertainment. Oh wait, I have to pause right there and share something I love. Think of it as a commercial break, on a blog.

Okay, I’m back. Wasn’t that awesome? I love it.

So, this posse of new people. My affection for them is growing. And I just wanted to share, in case something they riff on is helpful or interesting to you. Because it really is all about the people in your life, the people in your “neighborhood” (see, it all comes back to Sesame Street). Most of the time I find the time spent with my new friends to be a blend of great knowledge and personal comfort, assurance that I am not alone in my quest to be more or to be better. The more I learn about communicating, handling my crazy schedule, being authentic online and small business marketing, the wider my scope and the more dynamic my reach.

So without further ado, here are my 5 new favorites.

Naomi Dunford– words cannot describe how her honesty, enthusiasm and bracing truth rip through me. Her blog is jaw-dropping. So much more than business training, it is human-being training.

Charlie Gilkey– he is a productivity genius. Sometimes I hear him in my head when I try to overload my schedule or slide the really important stuff off the list when it scares me. And his planners are amazing.

Sonia Simone– not only does she remind me of my dear friend Anne but she has this jedi mind trick way of talking about copywriting that so clearly highlights what is crap and what kicks butt.

Johnny B Truant– a total punk rock big brother. He reminds me of the guys I was in a band with in high school. He is irreverent and wicked smart.

Dave Navarro– he’s not the guitar player but he absolutely rocks. He has these phenomenal free guides (the connecting with A-Listers one is incredible) and all kinds of practical, down to earth advice. And he crafted his biz while working a day job, which I completely respect.

I don’t know if you’ll dig them but hey, you never know. And it’s always my hope to give more than I get… and I’ve been getting a lot lately so I have some catching up to do.

It’s supposed to start raining cats and dogs here in a few hours so I hope you are safe and sound. Okay I never knew where that expression came from and I just looked it up- Raining Cats and Dogs is from olden times (he he) when cats and dogs would hide and sleep in the thatched roofs, then when it rained they would slide out or abandon the roofs for a safer, drier shelter. So it’s more like fleeing cats and dogs, or sliding cats and dogs. But I do love the visual, as long as the puppies and kitties remain unharmed.

So if you have some cool “neighbors” please let me know, or any antiquated phrases that you think I might adore.

Have a great week and enjoy some fall!


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