filmmaking, bloomsbury style

Sometimes the combination of circumstances becomes so wild and crazy that you have to sit up and pay attention. A few weeks ago I discovered that I was being sent to London for work (I am helping out with a very cool documentary film project). I love London and they really do it up for […]

half the sky

There is an amazing event happening next week and I cannot get it out of my mind. PBS is airing the documentary Half the Sky based on the tremendous book by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. I don’t really think that anything I could write here would be as powerful as the images from the […]

spending time with sue

I have two very clear ways that I react to the “you need to check this out” recommendation. One is a very independent and (yes) stubborn reaction of not wanting to get interested in what is cool to everyone else or what someone tells me I should see or go to or buy. I often […]

the food of love

Do you know that feeling when something feels like you were meant to be there or meant to experience it? And something about it just feels like you’ve always know it. Kismet might be a touch too strong but it’s in that family. Oh, I hope that makes sense. It happens with people on occasion. […]

sing it, midwestern mockingbird

Again this year, the 4th of July holiday found me sweating out in the Midwest. There’s something about this type of heat. Now I am not claiming that it’s ANYTHING compared to the summers in Australia or Sub-Saharan Africa, but it’s warm for a city girl who doesn’t tend to spend hours on end outside. […]

super super 8

It’s rare that I haven’t see something about a movie- either in a trade magazine or through at least a trailer online or on TV. Even if I don’t care at all about the movie, I usually know something about it. But for some reason I missed everything about Super 8. When I noticed it […]

some may say I’m a dreamer

Sometimes there’s a project that you just feel so incredibly, over-the-moon fortunate to be involved in that you can’t let it go. And in this industry, it often feels as if you don’t have any control over that. Screenplay readings happen with no guarantee of anything materializing in the future. A play is a beautiful […]

steven x 3

I have a serious literary crush on Steven Pressfield.  I blame The War of Art.  Introduced to it innocently enough by a friend, it has become- without a doubt- the most recommended book in my recent history.  Suddenly everyone was talking about it and recommending it as THE breakthrough for creatives.  Sometimes I get bratty […]